Club Honours

Sleat & Strath AFC – the early years

1972 to 1978 No records found yet (emails welcome on any info).

Roger Hutchison – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Manager 1979 to 1986 (ish)

1979/80 Skye Winter League Champions.

1980 Duirinish Cup winners.

1980/81 Skye Winter League Champions.

1981 Duirinish Cup winners.

1981/82 Skye Winter League Champions.

1982 MacRae Cup winners.

1983 Skye Summer League Champions and MacRae Cup winners also played Kyleakin (Bagshaw League Winners) and won the West Highland Free Press Cup.

1983/84 Skye Winter League Champions.

1984 Duirinish Cup winners and won the Fair Play Trophy.

1984/85 Ross Cup Winners.

Joe MacPhee – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Manager 1987 and 1988

1987 Were runners up in the Barra Five’s Trophy.

Roger Hutchison – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Manager 1989 to 1992

1989 Won the Vic Knight Memorial Cup.

1990 Won the MacLeod Cup

1991 Won the MacLeod Cup

1994 Won the Skye Marble Cup.

DL MacKinnon – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Manager 1995 to 2004

1994 Saw the team relegated from the 1st Division only to be reinstated by the West Highland Amateur Football Association at the 1995 AGM as a couple of new teams applied to join the league and they were asked to start off in the 2nd Division.

1995 DL took over as Team Manager following his return home and took the team to third place in the league.

1996 Team won the MacLeod Cup and the MacRae Cup.

1997 Lost the league on the final game of the season to Portree AFC but won the Skye Marble Cup.

1998 Lost the league again on the final game of the season to Portree AFC and lost two cup finals but won the Harris Seven’s Trophy.

1999 Reached the 3rd round of the Highland Amateur Cup and won the MacRae Cup but failed to win the league following a big injury list of players in the second half of the season but still finished second again.

2000 Reached the 4th round of the Highland Amateur Cup, the highest ever in the Club’s history and lost in one cup final.

2001 Lost in one cup final.

2002 Won Ewen MacRae Cup.

2003 Lost two cup finals and DL retires.

2004 DL forced out of retirement for one more year and the team lost in one cup final.

Ally MacGillivray/ Willie MacLeod – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Managers 2005 and 2006

2005 Won G F MacRae Cup and lost in one cup final.

2006 Lost two cup finals, Ally retired near the beginning of the season.

DL MacKinnon – Sleat & Strath AFC - Team Manager 2007 to present

2007 DL took charge once again and began to rebuild a new and young team with several players who had spent two years in the previous Juniors Team, under the guidance of Neil Hope, which was now disbanded. Lost in one cup final and finished in the top half of the league.

2008 Continued the team building exercise, finished 3rd in the league and with our player, Connaire Yoxon, winning the league’s young player of the year award.

2009 The young team came through well finishing 2nd in the league, winning the G F MacRae Cup and the Ross Cup but lost in the last cup final of the season and Connaire (at 17 years old) won the senior player of the league award.

2010 The best season ever, finally wining the league in mid July and went on to win all 18 league games (a record in the current league set up of one division), won the G F MacRae Cup, lost in the final of the Ross Cup and won the Ewen MacRae Cup. The league’s player of the year once again went to a player from the Club; Gordon McCaroll, having scored a record 44 goals for the season.

2011 Almost a carbon copy of the previous year, winning every league game, retaining the Ewen MacRae and GF MacRae Cups, progressing to the 3rd round of the Scottish Amateur Cup, and taking a clean sweep of the Player of the year awards (Joint Senior: James Robertson & Gordon McCarroll, Young: Ben Yoxon).

2012 A year of close but no cigar. The League title went down to the final match decided between Kyleakin and Sleat & Strath, but it wasn't to be 3-in-a-row as Kyleakin won 5-2 on the day to win the league by 5 points. Sleat & Strath also lost in the finals of both the Ewen MacRae and Ross Cup. Success had come earlier in the season as they won the GF MacRae Cup, and reached the Quarter Finals of the Highland Amateur Cup.

2013 The club retook the league trophy, losing only one game all season and finishing with a massive +120 goal difference. The team also went on to complete the Quadruple winning all three domestic cups. While they were put out at the fairly early stages of the Highland Amateur, the team they lost to, Wick Groats, eventually went on to win the competition.