Pitch Developments

This page will be kept up to date from the latest news in the proposed pitch developments in Broadford that would serve as the clubs new home ground. 

Update: April 2014

The club has now secured it's funding for the pitch developments. The work is scheduled to being on the 28th of April. The main funders include: SportScotland, Scottish Football Partnership, The Robertson Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Bill McLaren Foundation, Moffat Trust, Stafford Trust, Foyle Foundation, and the Highland Council. The club has raised over £22,000 locally for the pitch developments.

The final plan for the pitch can be seen in the latest document below. The SLAFA have stated that upon completion of the pitch developments, the new Broadford pitch will be a suitable venue for domestic cup finals.

Previous Announcements:

So far, the club has been able to get a hold of the leases required for the planned area for the next 25 years. These encompass the current pitch area beside Broadford Primary School (leaser Highland Council) and an area extended to the West of the original pitch (leaser Charles Campbell).

The final plans are attached to this page for you to view. They involve extensive drainage work to deal with a stream that runs under the proposed pitch area, which is at a 90 degree rotation to the original school pitch so that the desired dimensions can be catered for.

Total Cost of project is estimated at £130,000 (UPDATE: new estimate as of April at £200,000). Funding applications are under review by Highland Council Ward Discretionary Fund, The Robertson Trust, Active Places 2014 Fund (Sports Scotland) and The Scottish Football Partnership. The club will also be raising funds through the Lotto, which will be the best way to raise the funds needed. PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKET even if it’s just £1 a week. If any players want to raise funds themselves please feel free to start. We will also be looking at ways that funds could be raised through this site.

The Highland Council are accepting public comments on the developments Application page and we would encourage you to head there to make your opinions heard.

If you have any questions or comments on the pitch developments, please feel free to use the Contact Us page and we will do our best to get a reply to you.
Ben MacKinnon,
4 Apr 2014, 13:25